群馬県沼田市のブルーサミット オート キャンプ場
関東北部・群馬県沼田市 BLUE SUMMIT オートキャンプ場
Blue Summit Auto Camping Site
GUNMA, Numata-shi, JAPAN

Panoramic 180-degree view. night scene, starry sky and bonfire. Campsite in harmony with nature.

In the northern Kanto region, Numata City, Gunma Prefecture. It is 9 minutes from the central area of the city.
It is along a 145 national highway. A beginner is reliable, too.

We have a view of Mt. Akagia, Tanigawa and Numata-city here.
Altitude 450m. Cover an area of 40000 square meters. And facing northeast for an inspiring sunrise!

Each site has a spacious layout.I make them by hand with my friends.

you can make a reservation since it's temporarily open.Pets allowed, solo camping welcome. Resident janitor for women.

The perfect campsite for those who want to relax and enjoy the night view in silence.

designed by NOA*DRIVE(YouTube)
群馬県 沼田市 オートキャンプ場
When using a car navigation system

This is a newly developed area, so some car navigation systems may not be able to show the correct location.Please set the following address.

〒378-0024 Gunma Numaat-city Shimokawada-machi 2081

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    We're open temporarily.
    Some areas are under construction.Please be careful not to get hurt.
    Campsite is 'a little inconvenient'.The toilets are temporary.The driveway is gravel and unpaved.
    Plots are about 100 to 200 square meters in size.We tried to make it as unobtrusive as possible to the neighboring plots.
    There are no street lights, so it is dark at night.It's just a small LED glowing in places.Have a flashlight ready.
    Basically, there is a resident janitor.
    It takes about 10 minutes to get to the center of Numata City by car, so it is convenient for various shopping. Seven-Eleven is also about 5 minutes away. No problem with cell phone reception.
    A bonfire with a night view in the background.Please enjoy the breathtaking sunrise.
    Gunma Numata-city BlueSummit Auto camping site. @ Watanabe
    2021 -09-11 suspensionNumata-CityProbably visible.
    2021 – 11-03 Kawaba VillageI can see it. (upper photo)
    2022 – 02-12 ???Showa VillageProbably visible.
    2022 -07-15 ??Kawaba VillageProbably visible.
    2022 -09-12 ???Tone-machiProbably not.

    Please maintain this wonderful environment where people who like camping can spend their time “relaxing and quietly”.

    If there is still no improvement, you will be forcibly removed from the campsite.

    Let's enjoy camping in peace.

    Please read the User Guide and Terms of Use carefully before making a reservation.

    We sincerely ask for your cooperation so that we can continue to be a comfortable campground for as long as possible.