Fee Information

This page will be updated irregularly.

Cancellation of Reservation

If you wish to cancel your reservation, you will be charged a cancellation fee based on the following table. Cancellation fees will be incurred from the time you request a reservation. Please pay attention to the timing of your reservation, especially when you are close to the date of your scheduled stay.
Site changes will also be treated as cancellations.

The Blue Summit Auto Campground in Numata City, Gunma Prefecture will accept the following cancellations as long as the campground is open for business.

During the reservation period from the time we accept your tentative reservation to the time we confirm your payment and the day of your stay, we are not accepting any other reservation applicants. We appreciate your understanding in this regard.

For weekday bookings

Contact DateCancellation charge
The day before the day of usePayPay Bank transfer fee
On the day of use / No contact / No show100%

For reservations made before a holiday (special day)

Contact DateCancellation charge
15 days beforePayPay Bank transfer fee
14 days to 7 days before10% + PayPay Bank transfer fee
6 days to 2 days before50% + PayPay Bank transfer fee
The day before the day of use70% + PayPay Bank transfer fee
On the day of use / No contact / No show100%
Cancellations due to our convenience are fully refundable. Please book carefully.

Price List

ItemOvernight Rates
AdmissionAdult2200 yen
junior high and high school students1100 yen
Child (3 years old to elementary school student)550 yen
dog (Free for small dogs under 10 kg)550 yen
cat (I love it)0
Parking (Reservation required)Trailers, etc. More than 2 * 5m (No Admittance)2200 yen
passenger vehicle (No Admittance)1100 yen
Bike110 yen
Free Site Add tent = Inhibition
Early check-in (Reservation required)11:00 –1100 yen
Portable Power Supply / Rental (Reservation required)110000mAH/407Wh770 yen
LED Railroad Lantern / Rental (Reservation required)Barebones LIV-281660 yen
GarbagePlease take it home.0


Weekday Passenger vehicle 1 Adults 2 : 2200yen * 2 , child 1 : 550yen Site / Forest : 2200 yen
Total : 2200*2 + 550 + 2200 = 7150 yen

Weekday  Passenger vehicle 1 (Parking) : 550 yen, Adults 2 : 2200yen * 2 , Site / Free : 800 yen
Total : 550 + 2200*2 + 800 = 5750 yen